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Beartooth Run 2007


" oh god it was such a fun time!!! We should do it more often....!!!"
- Jenn D

" That was a pretty damn good turn out. Had a blast."
- Rick

UPDATE 05/30/08 - Some of you may have heard that the Beartooth Pass experienced a minor avalanche a few days ago.  The news confirmed that it was a small, isolated occurance, and crews should have the pass clear and ready for traffic once again by, quote "this Saturday at the latest".  This should in no way interfere with BTR's plans this year.  Please contact one of the event organizers with any additional concerns.  Thanks!  -Steve

UPDATE 05/28/08 - JP will be sponsoring the BTR after-party this year.  The following excerpt is from BTR's myspace "okay, well we have a ton of people coming this year. I think we will double what we had last year. There will be an after party at my house. You are NOT able to leave once you arrive, it is on 17 acres of land. It is a camp out. Bring your own drinks. Bathroom supplied. Will have a shop with games in it and a bonfire. Once again you cannot leave, Bring a tent and warm clothes!! Contact JP with any concerns"

Beartooth Run is a run that is held every year for car enthusiasts. First run was on June 16th, 2007.  The Beartooth Run is not a sponsored event, but rather a meeting of car and driving enthusiates.  As such, participants are wholly liable and responsible for the actions that they may take while on the cruise.  The goal of BTR is to have a great time, drive your car to the fullest on one of America's most spectular highways, and enjoy the company of people with a common passion; the automotive experience.

The Beartooth Run is open to all makes and models of cars.  We encourage you to treat the event like a car show; please prepare your vehicle accordingly.  Refer to the checklist for recommended actions to be taken before attending.

PLEASE NOTE: BTR 2008 is as invitational event.  As such, please contact one of the individuals listed below for event information.  BOTH the meeting date and location have been set and in order to recieve them you MUST contact one of the below individuals.

When contacting, please include a complete description of the vehicle as well as a picture.  If you could include where you heard about BTR, as well as your location, we would appreciate it greatly.

                                                                                                       - BTR Staff


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns for this event, you can contact the organizers at: - JP (event coordinator) EFn JP -   Import Rep. - Steve (event coordinator) ScoobyBlack -   Import Rep. - Sam (assistant coordinator) Ghost -   Domestic Rep.

For additional sources on BTR, feel free to visit the following forums:

Beartooth Run 2007

Vehicle -
Car detail
Change Oil
Change Coolant
Change / Inspect brake pads
Ensure tire condition
Proper tire inflation
Condition of  belts
Full tank of fuel

Personal -
Camera (Photo / Video)
(If you send copies of your pictures and videos from the cruise to the BTR Staff, we will include your clips in the event compilation.  Videos will be available to BTR participants after editing.)